Breaking Habits

Today was a day of beginning to break habits. For one thing, I went to a Yoga class that I normally do not go to from a teacher I’ve only taken one class from before. She had us doing some very unconventional postures involving props….and, right away, I resisted in my mind. I found myself thinking this is stupid–this is not Yoga, and thinking aaagghh, I wish I could leave. Then, I realized that I AM doing Yoga—it’s just not what I’m used to—even though it seemed easy, it was quite a challenge..and I had to break some habitual thoughts about what Yoga is to me. I finally relaxed with what we were doing, and discovered some amazing new ways to attempt the postures I already do over and over. This was great!!! I hope to share a few of them here at Dirty Footprints.

Then…the biggest habit breaker came today as I got my hair cut super short and left the salon a brunette!!! I simply feel renewed…and excited to begin a new year!!! It’s incredible what little things can do to change your perspective. How trying new things can be good for you after all. How taking a step out of our normal routine can open whole new worlds and solutions. It’s so easy to forget that the best part of life is that it is always plausible!!!

Peace & Love.
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