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Today was the first episode of Dirty Footprints Studio Talk. I have to admit—I was a little nervous and almost chickened out…well, last night I planned my escape—how I would NOT go about doing this thing I already announced I would….all because I was afraid. Afraid no one would listen–and that if people were listening–it’s because they feel sorry for me. That’s what this pesky little voice in my head was telling me. Then…in attempts to quiet that bastard, I picked up my journal to write…..instantly I came to this page I did a couple days ago–inspired by an Erica Jong quote I read on Jessie’s Diary of A Self Portrait blog……….

If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

Instead of writing in my journal, I decided to leave that page open and wide, while I sat and meditated. Next, I went to bed…sleep makes everything better in the morning.

So this morning I lit the candles and incense in my studio and sat down with the questions all you fabulous ladies left for me. I took a deep breath, followed by another one, and stared out my window as the sun filled the world outside. My intentions for this radio show are pure and true. I want to meet those that inspire me. I want to have a conversation that will help move the world into light—even if it is simply a flicker more! I want women to unite and support one another and shine their creativity for everyone to share. “All of this in 45 minutes on a Sunday morning?” is what that pesky bastard voice asks me. Sure–why not. It takes one conversation to change a life–didn’t someone wise say that—or is that from some commercial? Anyways, what do I have to lose–what do I have to gain? “But this has already been done–there’s tons of other bloggers out there interviewing people on BlogTalk radio.” But they’re not me….and I am simply happy and honored to add to the light that is building in the universe.

About a half hour before my show started I took that pesky voice into my arms and gave him a huge hug, and then walked away. We each have special things we need to do on this planet…maybe we start doing them just because it seems like a fun thing to do…we have intentions…but no real concrete reasons why we are doing those silly things….but chicas, we are feeding a light–a light so great that will shine and heal this planet. Make your art–write your poetry–take your photographs–blog your little heart out–create silly greeting cards of hamsters—whatever it is that brings you joy, that ignites creativity–the spirit within you–and please don’t be afraid to share it…it is the light that makes a difference.

I’m proud of my half hour show I did this morning…because I took a great risk…and learned something about myself. I hope this risk will fuel other risks I need to take…and inspire you to take your own risks.

With that said—you can listen to my first episode of Dirty Footprints Studio Talk any time–by going HERE and clicking the play arrow on the little blue box next to my smiling photo!!

I am excited to share that I have some AWESOME chicas that will be visiting the Dirty Footprints Studio for some conversation:

Sunday, February 1:

Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Every Day blog and is also the creator of the Creative Everyday Challenge and the Art Every Day Month Challenge!

Sunday, February 8:

Christine Reed of Bliss Chick blog and Marcy Hall of Ordinary Enchantment blog and the Etsy Shop: Ordinary Miracles.

Sunday, February 15:

Jennifer from Gallery Girl blog and Corrine from JafaBrit’s Art blog.

Thank you to all of you that have offered your love and support as I move forward and express my own creativity. Thank you to those that listen–I look forward to having a conversation with you in the future.

Peace & Love.

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