It’s Time

Lately I’ve been oozing creativity. Oooooozing. I finished the little diddy above this weekend…and started two more in the same series. All from a few doodles to help keep my sanity during a boring, boring meeting! Who would have thunk?!?!
But, my creativity hasn’t just been oozing out of paint tubes…its been oozing all over the studio and all through my life. You see, I really believe there’s something in the air. Something in the atmosphere–something finally brewing in the collective conscious of the universe that is pushing me, among many others, to finally step out and start making steps on that path of truth.
Truth to who we are. Truth to what we mean to existence in a whole. Truth to what we are to each other. Truth to the gift of simply living another day.
Can you feel it? And I don’t mean just getting high on the tail fumes of the inauguration of today—I mean something that’s been blowing around and tickling the membrane of our hearts for awhile now. Telling us its time to change. Time to leave one life, take a risk, and start living those dreams you play out over and over again in your mind—you know, those dreams you think about as you’re washing dishes, driving to work, walking the dog….right before you fall asleep.
Chicas, its time. Time to take ownership of all the beautiful gifts we possess. Time to move the world forward into truth and authenticity.
But how? I got two answers:
1. Be the change you want to see.
2. Think globally and act locally.
For me, all this juicy stuff started around my birthday in December. There are a lot of things I feel strongly about, things I think the world should be paying attention to, things that are so incredibly immense that trying to make a difference seems overwhelming…but all I can do is be the change I want to see. And by stepping my life up a notch, maybe I’ll influence others–maybe I can be a help to others that might be thinking to do the same–maybe just one life stepping it up a notch can have a positive domino effect on enough people–that somewhere in existence…it did make a difference. Simply put, since I turned 33, I have made a conscious and committed decision to become Vegan, and you’ll just have to visit Juice Chica to see how much this decision is impacting my life incredibly. But, I’m being the change I want to see. I’m living it. Breathing it.
What changes do you want to see? How can you be the change?
Last, and this is the big one: Think Globally-Act Locally. I love that!! Don’t you?
Seriously…when it comes to what I want in thinking globally it’s spreading the incredible power of creativity—helping others unleash their creativity and get in touch with their spirit. Imagine if the whole world naturally and continuously was in touch with their creative nature—do you think the problems in the world would exist? Noway—we would find creative solutions to troubling situations…creativity—art—it draws you inward, it aligns you with the universe—it exercises your mind, your heart, your courage.
So, I’m acting locally–in my own community and even here in baby steps with Dirty Footprints. I’m so excited about my radio show coming up and the amazing, creative women that have agreed to come on and talk about their own inspired, creative lives!!! I’m excited about making videos and sharing a bunch of my own creative ideas with you to help inspire…I’ve even been putting together some on-line classes the last month…that I hope will help spread creativity and spark self awareness.
We all are so blessed with great gifts and talents. We all have a life rich in experience to share with others. We all have the strength to help one another–and to push this world up and forward, because damn does it need the love of strong, creative women right now!!!
So chicas, let’s do it….let’s examine what it is we want to see changed in this world–and lets make steps to be that change–either baby steps–or just take the leap! Then, when after we have made those changes within ourselves–let’s reach out locally–if it be by our friends and readers via the blogsphere–or if we reach out in our neighborhoods, or if we simply start in our own homes. It’s time my friends. It’s time for us women to make a difference.
Will you please join me?
Peace & Love.
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