Thank You

I received the sweetest email today from a fellow bloggy chica named Shelley. She was so inspired by my recent post about my need to just be and get in the car for a tiny road trip–that she created the watercolor above from one of my photos. I’m so honored–and especially, so excited that Dirty Footprints is spreading the love of creativity and spirit!!!

It is such an honor, beyond anything….take a look at some of her other work. Shelley explores pastel, acrylic paints, and even watercolors. I think her landscapes are absolutely breath-taking.

Shelley told me that she lives on Whidbey Island in Washington state with her husband & their two Australian Cattledogs. She is a banker by trade–and a passionate Artist through her soul!!
She also is totally in love with animals…
And she donates a part of her proceeds to animal charities!

Her and her husband have also made the commitment to become Vegetarians.
Bravo to you!!! I LOVE VEGGIES!!!!

You can visit Shelley’s blog HERE.

And you MUST check out her beautiful website of Art HERE.

Then run over to her Ebay listings and bid on her gorgeous work HERE.
Thanks Shelley for sharing. I’m giddy about my portrait!! It’s such a pleasure to meet you..and have the opportunity to learn about your beautiful work.
Peace & Love.
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