Yes Yes…Treasured Heart by Susan Pasillo at Dapper Doodle Designs

Over Christmas Break Hansel and I went to see the movie Seven Pounds with Wil Smith. A great movie—very clever writing—but so depressing. Incredibly depressing—with an ending that will leave you sobbing a small puddle in your empty popcorn bowl. We left that movie–and I refused to go home feeling that way, so we just moseyed on into Yes Man with Jim Carey next door…has to be good for a few laughs I thought.

It was funny. Sweet. And I have to admit—a bit inspiring and thoughtful. Jim Carey’s character, starts the movie trapped in the past and saying no to all and just about every offer that comes his way. He spends many evenings at home alone–and has a real knack for pissing off his friends. It’s not until he attends a seminar that he agrees to start saying yes to everything. What happens from there is lots of fun—and starts to show how everything in life is connected when you open yourself up to possibilities and opportunities. When you just say “yes”.

I have to tell you…I’ve been more thoughtful about saying yes since then too. Why not!?!?! See what happens…right! And a couple things that have presented themselves to me this new year I have said yes to, and already feeling the positive effects.

It’s interesting though. Our thoughts can be so habitual and have no real meanings. For example—many, many mornings I wake up and think “AAaaghh–I don’t want to go to work today…oohhh…should I call off…Aagghh…work!” A couple days ago I woke up and was actually surprised to find myself thinking this exact thing first thing in the morning…the last couple weeks that I’ve been back, and actually the last few months even before my Christmas break—have been great. So right away I noticed that some thoughts are purely habit. I enjoy being at work. I talked about that this weekend in my post Studio 307. So why was I instantly thinking this?

Answer—I was being a No Girl. A No Girl to the reality, and beauty that is my life right now. I was being a No Girl to what is. I was being a No Girl to actually living. So, when I realized that I was being a No Girl, I instantly switched the tables on that pesky No Girl voice and screamed back—Yes, I want to go to work. Yes it’s gonna be a beautiful day. Yes, we’re gonna have tons of fun at school today.

It worked. I started to remember how much I like being at work. I started to have thoughts of all the precious little kiddos that will make me smile. I started to imagine our projects full of fun and excitement. Walking into any situation expecting the best, anticipating beauty, and intending to have fun—the odds are in your favor!

My proposal here, my dear lovely chicas, is the next time you find yourself having a negative thought or saying no to a certain situation—mentally step back for a second and ask yourself is this habit? Do you find yourself thinking this thought often? I know personally I have some stories that are constant reruns playing in my mind sometimes…and I finally have to go and pull the damn cord on it…turn the tables….say yes to everything that contradicts those thoughts. You hate your job= you’re happy to have a paycheck coming in. You hate waiting in line at the grocery store and are starting to get irritated= look at the time as an opportunity to be nice to strangers, strike up a conversation–even if it’s about the price of green beans…I do that all the time, and you’d be amazed where the conversation can go—and, those little idle chit chats lighten irritating situations for everyone–you just did a public service. Way to go Yes Girl!!!

I’m really digging Jessie’s word a day gig she’s got going on…and I’m going to steal a little of her thunder here today…and say…that for me—my word of the day is YES. Let’s experiment together and see how this one syllable, three letter word, can change the course of your life!


Peace & Love.
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