My beloved Sis and dear friend Michelle over at Sweet Mango has reopened her Etsy Shop: Sweet Mango Designs with these gorgeous, prints…that to me, have such magic and peace embedded in them, that every home or studio should be adorned with one!  And also, I really love how beautifully they represent and honor women.  

I am an Artist. I create in many mediums.

I combine both Digital Art and Photography to create moments of beauty, moments where we just surrender to being at peace.

Wahine by sweet mango is a collection of eclectic angels of the earth, sea and sky. They are created using nature and only reveal themselves to me as I create them. Each of them is representative of a state of mind or a state of being. They watch over us and what we do, they are the truth that resides in our hearts.

Wahine is Hawaiian for Woman or Women. Each of the Wahine has been given a Hawaiian name which matches their personality. Preceding their name is the word Anela which is Hawaiian for Angel….they are all angels, real women angels who understand the true beauty of a woman and the world…..they are my Wahine Anela.

Sweet Mango has also opened a second Etsy store too: Buddha Said.

I practice and live a Buddhist lifestyle, I find much beauty around me on a daily basis and this beauty spills out of me and into my art. Sometimes something I have learned through the teachings of Buddha or one of his followers resonates so deeply with me that I have to share it through art. 

I want my art to be beautiful reminders that hang on your wall and my wall, always prompting us to be more compassionate and full of love towards ourselves and the people we encounter…. each and every moment of every single day.

Peace & Love.
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