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I am so happy to announce that this Sunday, February 8th, Christine Reed of the beautiful blog Bliss Chick and her partner, love-of-her-life, and fellow Artist and Writer Marcy Hall from the blog Ordinary Enchantment will be visiting the Dirty Footprints Studio for a chat and some good ol’ fashioned girl talk!

You know, cool ol’ fashioned girl talk…the kind about the beauties of blogging, Creativity, Art, finding one’s truth, and of course the journey of Spirit!!

The minute I found Christine’s blog Bliss Chick, I instantly felt at home.  Maybe it’s her connection to Lake Erie, the way she creates a warm environment for all her readers to explore and challenge their own spiritual journey in life, or maybe it’s because she feels like a sister–a wise and thoughtful sister.  Bliss Chick is a blog I read daily, and if for some reason I miss it…things don’t feel just right! Plus every Thursday you can count on Christine introducing us to another Creative and interesting blogger through her interview series, and every Saturday she shares one of her pieces of poetry with us.  I am so jazzed about sharing my Sunday morning with Christine–a woman I highly admire and love.

I am equally jazzed to have Marcy Hall of the blog Ordinary Enchantment hanging out also!  Marcy is relatively new to blogging…but certainly not to the universe of Art and Creativity.  Marcy shares her whimsical, magical paintings on her website Marcy Hall Arts and at her Etsy shop Ordinary Miracles.

Marcy’s paintings ignite the bliss in all of us.  It is impossible not to smile and feel a sense of magic coming from each painting Marcy creates.  Her love of animals is infectious and the way she plays with them in her work as spiritual icons is both touching and fun!

I especially adore the milagros Marcy creates in her Etsy shop.  The milagros alone have a long history of being auspicious—I own two myself–and even Courtney Love, the widow of the 90’s Grunge Idol Kurt Cobain, has picked up a few of them!

I am so happy that Marcy started blogging—she is hilarious to read!!  Plus, her darling and very opinionated studio bunny Zoe is always stopping by adding her two cents!  Maybe if we’re lucky she will have something to say on Sunday!

I hope you will join Christine, Marcy, and myself for a chat this Sunday, February 8th at 9:00 AM mountain time (11 Eastern, 10 Central, 8 Pacific) by visiting Dirty Footprints Studio Talk on BlogTalk radio HERE.

I encourage you to join the conversation by calling in live at (646) 727-3034 or you can IM your question by registering for a BlogTalk account HERE and signing in during the time of the show!!  Anyways, we would love to have you in the Dirty Footprints Studio.

If you can’t make it…don’t panic–you can hear the fun later anytime by visiting Dirty Footprints Studio Talk HERE.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Peace & Love.

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