Come On Over

Last night Hansel and I had our first little dinner party in our new casa! It was lots of fun. I was thinking today that I so wish I could invite a bunch of my bloggy friends over for dinner and to catch one of the amazing AZ sunsets from our window. So until I win a big whopping lottery to fly each of you lovely chicas out here…you’ll have to settle for a virtual tour. (Please forgive me for the dark photos though.)

Here’s our living room..the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. I’m so excited that we actually have a fireplace!! How cool is that? And yes, it does get cold in the desert during the winter!!
I don’t think I ever showed too much of my old apartment here on Dirty Footprints…but, let me note that having that big window as a focal point in this room is like heaven! Our last place was a dungeon–I’m a huge window person!! I love to have them open (especially at night) and could sit by them for hours! Same goes for our gato Theo!

Next to the living room is the little, but sweet dining room! For those of you wondering about the origami cranes flying from the ceiling..that is an awesome mobile Hansel made me years ago. I love it–and people who visit always make a fuss wanting to take it with them. Noway–its mine!
The open door to the patio is actually attached to our bedroom–and the window on the left in the dining room goes out to another patio where we turned it into a “breakfast nook”!! I love nooks too. I’m a big fan of spaces that have little areas and multiple angles to them like the next photo.

The counter on the left is where the kitchen begins. The door furthest on the right is the door to the outside world!! Ha! When you swing around into that dark corner there is the Dirty Footprints Studio, Hansel’s bathroom, and the laundry area.

Yes, Hansel and I each have our own bathrooms. I will not step foot in his bathroom, and I believe that has been a key to the success of our relationship!! Definitely!

Here’s a little glimpse into the kitchen area. It’s roomy, simple, and has lots of counter & cupboard space! Gotta love that!

This is that dark corner I was talking about that leads to the Dirty Footprints Studio. Look how adorable Nyla is!!

Here’s the beginning of the Dirty Footprints Studio. As you can tell, stuff is still in boxes and it needs to be jazzed up a bit for sure. But the cool thing that you can’t really see in this photo is that the one whole wall is actually closet space with organizers and houses most of my book collection and art supplies. I love that because I use my studio for both art making as well as Yoga, and I prefer to have all the clutter out of sight.

Last, here’s a little glimpse into our bedroom. This room is in need of some major TLC. Starting with our bed, which now rests on the floor–because both of us despise our actual bed frame and found it much more comfortable to sleep with the mattress on the floor first night we moved in. But last night at our dinner party I talked with a friend who told me how to make one of those Zen like platform beds..and that is going to be my next project!!! I’ll keep you posted.
Also, you can see that the bedroom leads into MY bathroom which is equipped with a HUGE bathtub–the kind you can lay down and be completely immersed in water and COMFORTABLE!!! Ahhh…as well as being a window, nook person–I’m a huge, huge, huge bath person! Oh yeah!
So that’s about it. It’s simple, not too big, but full of sunshine. It’s a home where love lives. It’s a casa where we can watch the sunset and in months to come feel the warmth of a fire. I know that this place is only temporary, and one day I will be showing you the reality of my dream home in Costa Rica–a place that will be truly ours. But even though you may not be living in the confounds of your dreamscape just yet, does not mean you should devalue the wonders and magic you are blessed with in your beautiful life right now.
I am blessed. I am happy.

Thank you for visiting our little home.
Peace & Love.
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