Ready to Receive

At my Yoga school, we always begin the class with meditation. I sit on a folded, grey, wool blanket for a little height under my tush, legs crossed, back straight, crown reaching for the heavens above, and my palms resting open, upward on my knees: ready to receive.

There are moments I can feel the air resting on my exposed palms, or the sound of the class’s om vibrate through my fingers.

I receive the benefits and teachings of my practice. I receive the present moment. I receive my body, mind, and spirit in how it is showing up–right now in this space. I receive the teachings of Yogis that came before me, ancestors both known and unknown whose blood runs in my veins, the earth which cradles my life, and the Universe for its shower of blessings. I receive my tears and hardships, as well as my laughter and joy. I receive those that gather around me as well as the ones that have turned their backs and walked away. I receive the sound of dancing, babies being born, mangos growing on trees.

I receive love.

Sometimes that is the hardest thing to receive.

So before I extend my legs to stand tall, and stretch my arms–opening my heart to the world, I must open my hands to receive.

Peace & Love.
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