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Modigliani laughed and yelled “Go Your Own Way!”

Picasso Wrote Me a Letter…He Said Keep Painting”

Frida whispered in my ear: “My Creative Life is My Life.”

Van Gogh looked at me and said “Breathe air into your brushes–Give Life to Paintings.”

Alice Neel advised me to “Write your truth.  Expose your flaws.  Be completely you.”

This week I invited five painters over to the studio.

I didn’t have to put on make-up or tidy up the space.

These Artists are dead.

No, I’m not morbid.  Or into any strange behavior.

Instead, each day before I opened my Art Journal I printed off paintings of the Artist I was inviting into my studio for that day.  From there, I would paste their paintings onto my page, while setting my intention to open myself to their influence–to their silent inspiration.  I then let my paintbrush guide the way.  Last, I would sit back for a few moments and meditate on what I just created.  The first words that would come to mind I transcribed as their message to me and wrote it on my page.

I encourage you to invite your favorite Artists into your studio too. See what advice they may offer you!

Above is a video showing this magical process–where my paintbrush was the medium for Modigliani!

Peace & Love.

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