This is the contemporary painter Jane Filer. I found her work for the first time this week…and I keep visiting her site HERE. I am absolutely in love with each of her magical brushstrokes.

She has an Artist retreat in March in North Carolina and I am asking the Universe now for the gift of me to go! (please!!)


My paintings are evolved from historical and prehistoric observations. They are my response to clues I have gathered from the most ancient to the most modern visual references available.

The Return at Twilight

Blending this with the relationship I have with my own existence I create a fantastical story. The sense of story is used to provoke exciting aspects of being and existing in this amazing world.

Owls Over Angier

I am in love with color and sensual surface textures on my canvases

Balancing Moonlight

and I am in love with life.

Take a look at these rockin’ masks she made for one of her openings!!

Definitely a cool chica!

Peace & Love.

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