A Deep Calling


Every Sunday evening right before going to bed, I write a long list of things I want to accomplish for the week. I set myself little goals, as well as challenges. And if I don’t meet those goals and/or challenges that week…they get put on next week’s list.

Last night, I made a pretty long and juicy list. There was a lot of the usual, mundane crap like remembering to pay rent, and having to get grades in the computer, but there were also these little secret challenges I make..that are really steps in the direction of living my Creative Juicy Life completely. When I say completely, I am implying…ditching the day job! Because seriously, I’m already living the Creative Juicy Life….and loving it! There is just a little factor that needs some attention to…that will be the next chapter of my Creative Juicy Life..being self employed.

I’m not going to share with you what that looks like for me, just yet. Partly because I’m still developing that dream as I go. But I know there is a lot of you that feel this is the next step in your own Creative Juicy Life as well. We all have our different reasons, but the main thing I feel that connects us–is that this reason to go self employed is because deep down, we’re feeling a strong calling to. Maybe, the truth is, we’ve been feeling this calling all our life.

Alot of people feel that way…and alot of people blame not living that calling on life or society. “I always wanted to be a writer, but then life happened.” “I always wanted to be an artist, but then society and my family told me differently.”

For the most part, for myself I’ve always wanted to be doing what I’m doing. Except–I’ve always wanted to do it on my own terms–create a life that will support and feed my creativity as well as the bills. Ask my mother, she’ll tell you, I’ve always hated working for someone. All my adult life I had some kind of “something on-the-side”, which would satisfy that desire to be self employed. I too blamed it on society and life.

But I’ve been thinking.

I don’t think it’s as much society and life’s fault as we think.

I do think the world is evolving in a fast and big manner. I think, just like the industrial revolution, caused great and rapid change in society…so is the crumbling of that system. Except, what is happening now–humanity has created all the things our material world needs. We’ve done the day job, in a sense. Now deep in the Earth’s core–she is calling us to industrialize our spirits. That is why so many Creative Juicy souls are feeling a deeper calling to go on their own, to express who they are, to add a certain beauty to the world.

Truth is my lovelies, it’s not entirely your family’s fault, society, or even life that you haven’t been living your “dream” for such a long time. It’s just, the world wasn’t ready yet.

I think once we start dropping blame, and replace it with accepting our place and mission in this big world, those things we are being called to do so deeply, will come so much more quickly.

Here’s to all my Creative Juicy Life co-horts—I raise my glass of pineapple/manjo/peach smoothie to you and say “It is time!”

Peace & Love.



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