Art Pulls Us Together


It’s the first week back at school and with my older kids, we have been busy creating something super cool that only my newsletter friends got to hear about (wink wink!!). But my little kids–kindergarten to second grade…we’ve been reading books about friends and being a good friend. Then, we sit together in small groups of new friends on the floor with a HUGE piece of paper. I asked them to brainstorm what is the ultimate summer break…then working together, they create their ideas into a HUGE-MAMA drawing (my exact words!). I love to sit back during this whole process and watch what happens–the dynamics of relationships, even at such an early age, are starting to appear. But more endearing then anything, is how young children come alive in the whole act of creating. It’s so natural for them. They grab a crayon and get right to it….and, with the exception of a few comments such as “he hit me in the arm with his elbow” or “she is using the green crayon that I was using first”—Art pulls children together into the same zone. They don’t do very much negotiating or delegating…everything just goes with the flow.

It got me thinking….that’s what we adults need a little more of in our life too.

Have you ever been to those chain-type restaurants with the paper on the tables and a couple crayons sitting near the salt shaker? I have to admit…I love it!!! Nothing like doodling with dinner! Hansel and I will doodle together, and before you know it…dinner, drinks, and desert..and we had a fabulous time and never said a word to each other. But..the tablecloth we leave behind will speak novels!

Here’s a little suggestion…next time you’re with your family, or friends, or even better–your colleagues in a boring meeting…grab a roll of butcher paper and crayons and begin to doodle together. Doodling is less intimidating, but if your crew is up for it–throw out a theme at them, and see what happens! I promise, Art will pull you together.

Peace & Love.

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