Endings & Beginnings

It’s the end of a journey.  Here is my last episode of Wreck This Journal–THE BIG FINALE!!!  It’s bittersweet, I have to admit.  Especially since the ending of this journey also marks the ending of my summer break as well.  

Being part of the Next Chapter book club this summer has been a lot of fun.  I got to experiment and express my wackyness through video and meet tons of creative, cool chicas!  I want to thank everyone who offered up their support and love…and thank you to Jamie Ridler for creating this circle of juiciness!  
But, with every ending starts a new beginning.  This BIG FINALE is also a GRAND RE-OPENING as I open my doors again at the Dirty Footprints Etsy shop.  Please go over and take a look at my series of paintings I call Transformations that I created to commemorate my Wreck This Journal journey.  They also represent the transformation I feel has taken place these past couple months as I renew my Creativity and pursue a Creative Juicy Life.
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