So Much Creative Juiciness!


This Sunday on my BlogTalk radio show: Creative Juicy Life, there is going to be a whole lot of Creative excitement going on!! We, the three Creative Juicy chicas that are your hosts–your guides–your teachers–to the Creative Dig Workshop that is happening in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday, September 26th are getting together to discuss how digging through various layers of your Creativity, such as painting, writing, and sculpting can help you excavate self identity and sort through all those stories you carry with you…you know, the ones that keep you stuck, as well as the ones that are filled with passion and dreams. Christine Reed, Andrea LeBlond, and myself are so jazzed to offer this day of Creative bliss!! We’re also so deeply honored to provide you with a nurturing, inspiring environment to refuel your own Creative juices! Please join us this Sunday, at 6:00 pm EST, by listening HERE, as we get you motivated to start digging through your own Creative layers and find the truest expression of YOU! Plus, stop by the Creative Dig Workshop website HERE for more details and to register–space is limited, and it is less then a month away!

Peace & Love.

Be sure to run on over to the lovely blog ARTCETERA today to check out a fun interview between me and the fabulous Miss Darrah!! You don’t want to miss it!! There’s even a sweet give away, and, well…Darrah…she’s totally Creative Juicy! Totally!

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