Under the Weather Creative Juicy Style


Emma, from the blog Treehouse Jukebox, recently suggested over in the VIP room on Facebook that I write a post on how to be Creative Juicy when under the weather.  Reading that I thought to myself that I haven’t felt very sick in quite awhile.  Then, would you guess it, yesterday, around noon, out-of-nowhere, my body just started to send me signals that it had enough…it was going to be closing for business soon…taking a much needed break….while whatever little bug that was vacationing in my head, chest, and achy bones came in and took inventory for awhile!

Yes chicas, I think I’m getting sick.

So, Emma, what does it mean to me to be Creative Juicy when you’re feeling under the weather?  It means listening closely to the signals and comments your body is sending you.  Signals–well, I’ve been trying to ignore it…yes, I know, that’s NOT Creative Juicy…but my body has started to feel achy for a couple days already.  Second…last night especially…my body was making comments: it kept saying “eat blueberries and mangos.”  A total craving.  I had the mangos, we just needed to pick up some blueberries…and then finally I added some fresh squeezed oj, and made myself a smoothie.  Thus, the photo above. This started to make me feel better already.

When I get sick, I always go inward and examine what my body is trying to say.  What have I been neglecting in my self-care that led to this.

For one thing, I’ve been so focused on ideas and putting action to these ideas…that my dear, lovely, healthy body has taken a back seat to my Creativity.  Not good.  Not Creative Juicy by any means!!  I need to reevaluate my six pillars of Beginning a Creative Juicy Life…and go over the self care one with a fine tooth comb.  And, I need to get some rest.

Simple as that.

Truth is..we can’t be Creative Juicy all the time…sometimes we just need to be.

Peace & Love.

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