Authentically Me: Guest Post by Melita Mollohan of Gussying Up the Tuttle


By now the Creative Dig Workshop is over…memories made…frienships formed…self discovery ignited…and ART born into this world! Lots of Creativity and Art, I’m sure! Today is the day I make my way back home to AZ, taking with me new experiences and adding what I learn to my Creative Juicy Life! Every day can be a new day to start a new path….and Melita Mollohan of the blog Gussying Up the Tuttle knows this wisdom best.

I’ve spent the better half of my summer in svadhyaya (self study) and digging through my creativity and what i have found is me. i found myself in a unfulfilling left-brained career path and i felt myself becoming stagnant and filled with anger and resentment. i was unhappy and i knew it. my life and some things in it were no longer fulfilling me.

so, i knew i had to shake things up, but how? the economy made the first move for me, i was laid-off. at first i was bitter but then i realized just how perfect it was for me. i spent the first half of the summer studying for the gmat that would land me ingrad school for accounting, the most logical choice. i had attempted the gmat once before with failure. this time i had to nail it. thus, i began studying. a week before i was to take the gmat i started freaking out. i called bliss bliss bliss, my local massage therapy and yoga studio. i desperately needed a reiki session and a massage to help calm me down. i worked it out so that i had my appointments on wednesday and my test was friday morning.

during my reiki session it hit me – right there i had an epiphany! if i didn’t pass the gmat i’d become a massage therapist. it was something that i had always been interested in. after my reiki session, she told me that when her hands were on my head they were literally vibrating and that is something that has never happened to her before. i knew exactly why – because my mind was churning away on thoughts of becoming a massage therapist. i chose not to share with anyone of my discovery yet, because it is something i needed to be sure of first.

so, i went with my head held high and did the best i could on my gmat. i still didn’t get quite the score i needed to get into grad school. just to make absolutely sure, i called the grad office to see if they would accept me under academic probation or anything, just to get me in the program. when they told me they couldn’t, i said thank you and that was exactly the answer i was needing. my very next call was to the local massage therapy school. i let the universe tell me what i needed to be doing with my life and the universe answered, loud and clear!

the second half of the summer was much more therapeutic and creative. i got to reconnect with a part of myself that had been hidden away for years. it began my path of wellness. i began journaling again, i painted, i collaged, i had artist’s dates, i danced & i sang, i gardened, i didyoga, i meditated and i took the time just to be me.

i am happy to say that my massage therapy program starts next week. i am beyond excited to begin this part of my life. i know that i am now free to be authentically me and to me that is truly powerful.

melita mollohan is truly on a path of wellness and creativity. after struggling to find her place in this world, she knows that beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s on the right path. melita is a massage therapy student, taking reiki classes and in yoga teacher training. when melita is not blogging you can usually find her snuggled up with her two cats, dog and beloved boyfriend, taking a hike through nature or enjoying the company of friends and family.

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