Before I Even Get Started

That’s me…sticking my tongue out to getting sick!!!
Lovelies, I was so excited…tonight I planned to put a little video together for you to get those Creative Juicy juices flowing like I promised in my last post HERE…and guess what….around 1:00 today at work…my throat started feeling funky…my head started to get stuffy…and that achy feeling was taking over. Kids are getting sick left and right, and teachers are starting to look a little yucky as well.
But I refuse to get sick. Sorry, not doing that.
So, gonna put my Creative Juicy video on hold for now and instead get my immune system in top notch shape to fight the bug that’s invading my classroom!
Here’s what I do to keep myself protected…
I soak in a hot bath of this glorious stuff HERE.
I pump up my vitamin C supplements big time!
Neti pot! Neti pot! Neti pot!
Smoothie LOVE!
Snuggle with my doggie!
Hansel TLC.
My favorite restorative Yoga pose HERE that cures everything!!!
Sleep! (The best remedy of all!)
Stay Healthy Lovelies!! I’ll be back soon!
Peace & Love.

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