Creative Juicy Life: Jamie Ridler


There’s the wonderful Jamie Ridler!! There she is…all beautiful and fabulously her Creative Juicy self….and she’s holding a camera!! Perfect–for this week of photo-LOVE!!

I am so super excited to announce that this Sunday, September 20th, Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios and The Next Chapter book club will be joining me on my BlogTalk radio show Creative Juicy Life. She will be there sharing her nuggets of wisdom on what it means to live a Creative Lifestyle! This chica is the epitome of living a Creative Lifestyle–go check out her site HERE to see all the amazing things she does…and what makes Jamie super special, is that she has dedicated her life’s work to helping other’s live their Creative Juicy Life as well.

Please be sure to join us on Sunday, September 20th at 6 pm EST by visiting HERE to listen. If you miss it..don’t worry…you can always come back to Dirty Footprints Studio to listen to the archive on the player listed down at the bottom!

Peace & Love.

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