Hey!! Monday is my day off. Time to get lazy!

(My kiddo Theo has perfected the day off mentality.)

Saturday morning I went to one of my favorite teacher’s Yoga classes. There was a workshop going on at the studio as well, so all twenty or so of us Yogis were stuffed into a cracker jack box size room. Each of us with an inch or two of space between mats, and that little sense of discomfort that comes from being so close to a “stranger”. Especially in poses you know are not the most flattering of positions to be shining directly at your neighbor. But, in these circumstances, I find myself going even deeper into the practice, as I spend most of my time there on the mat with my eyes close.

As the teacher began the class, outside thunder began to roar and the rain pounded against the windows. Living in the desert, you can imagine how this changed the entire mood of the room, as everyone finally sighed a breath of relief. This has been one of the driest monsoon seasons in history.

Release. I think finally…the desert felt it, and I too, as well.

My arms were stretched to the heavens in crescent pose when a loud thunder erupted and the electricity in the studio shut off. The room instantly flooded with candlelight, and I took it completely as a sign from the Universe, and even though the roof laid between me and the beautiful sky, I could still feel the rain penetrate my body and wash through my soul.

I needed this. I needed someone to remind me to breathe deeply and to exhale even deeper. I needed someone to encourage me to sigh with all my might and to hang upside down for awhile. I needed to spread my fingers, stretch my arms, and plant my feet firmly on the earth beneath me. I needed to release the storm that has been brewing inside me for weeks.

I am getting lost inside my Creative Juicy Life my lovelies. Lost in a feeling of being too creative, too juicy, too much for even myself to handle. I want to strip the layers of this life I have created, and find my center that simply exists–like the nucleus of a rain drop. I want to be present to feel the thunder, to witness the lightening, and to soak myself completely in the rain without ever getting wet. I want to be me completely–no labels attached, no creative juicy this or that, just a breath, and a body, and a soul that is more powerful then a mind.

I want to be lazy, and relish in the peace that is waiting there for me. I want the thunder to roar, and the electricity of my mind to shut off. I want to know what it feels like to be free again.

Peace & Love.

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