Try Something New


If you are one of the many Lovelies that receive the bi-monthly Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter, you know that I was planning on taking a blogging break this week. I have lots to do. Stuff for school, as well as things I want and need to accomplish in the studio. And not to mention–I am missing my Yoga practice something fierce. But this weekend’s Creative Dig Workshop got me all fired up and I have this desire to reflect and share what I’ve learned right here with you. So blogging break is just gonna have to wait!

This past weekend, at the Creative Dig Workshop, I learned some BIG lessons, one of them being the importance of trying something new.

Making your way into something new is scary. If it means attempting a clay project, ordering a new entree, or following your heart down uncharted territory….new can be a great cause of anxiety, anger, frustration, and most of all: fear. It can also be exciting, exhilarating, and full of Creative Juiciness…but most of the time we have to beat the former to really enjoy the latter!

I witnessed a lot of brave chicas this past weekend, that at the Creative Dig tried something new. There were Writers giving paint and clay a whirl, and Artists attempting to express their voice through writing. Everyone there, including myself, was in new territory. The crazy thing is we asked for this…we wanted this…planned for or paid for…we all were looking for change and needed to be there..trying something new.

It is impossible to grow without trying something new or different. Taking risks, putting yourself out there, and simply being brave are the necessary ingredients to living a completely Creative Juicy Life. When you don’t do these things…life starts to turn mundane, feels empty, becomes less of a challenge and more of a routine.

But seriously, how can we always take risks, make ourselves vulnerable, and be brave in a new uncertain world?

I learned some of the answers at Creative Dig as well.


Nobody says you have to have all the answers all at once. You can start that creative business, or begin that masterpiece painting, all by taking baby steps. Who knows, maybe one day those baby steps will lead you to the courage to leap or fly! But moving forward is energy put in the right direction…and that’s what matters….not how long the distance you can do in one step.


This is something HUGE! I have been learning this lesson for months now, ever since I too have begun some new ventures. And, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned about this is if you ask the Universe, straight from your heart, for support–the Universe will deliver it always. But, you need to be open and eager to learn from others. Most importantly you need to ask for exactly what it is you need. There are millions of lovely souls out there that long to make a difference, just like you, and would be happy to share their experience with you. Seek support–be it in taking a class, joining an online group of like-minded individuals, reading positive and inspiring books about what you are interested in, or even asking your loved ones for what it is exactly you need.


It’s all a journey. Your dreams, where you see yourself in five years, that finished painting you have mapped out in your mind….it is all only facets of this great journey you have been blessed with on this planet. We forget to stop taking ourselves so seriously. We forget the importance of embracing our mistakes and most especially…we forget about laughter. We forget how even laughing at ourselves–at how awkwardly, beautifully human we are, can be the best tool against fear by far!

I want to say thank you again, to all the wonderful chicas and chico that taught me so much this weekend at the Creative Dig Workshop. Taught me about Creativity, about being Brave, about being an Artist, a teacher, about being myself! I am forever grateful for sharing space, time and energy with you.

Peace & Love.

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