Extraordinary Ordinary



(painting: 30 inches by 24 inches of LOVE.)

This is going to sound silly…..but Hansel and I got a new bed on Friday…..and not only is it a million times more comfortable, luxurious, and fabulous then the nasty bed we’ve been sleeping on for years now—it has seemed to inspire me! (Or maybe it’s just having a good night sleep for the first time in a long time that can ignite inspiration.)

Anyways….I loved painting this. I used this December View photo HERE as a reference. But there hits a point when you are painting when you let go of your references and instead let your creativity and intuition take over.

Funny thing is I couldn’t sleep Saturday night–because all I wanted to do was paint the bed!!

And now….I find myself inspired by everything in our home.

Isn’t that the greatest thing about Art? Inspiration is everywhere…..we even live with it…we just need to look at the ordinary as an opportunity to make it extraordinary!

Peace & Love.

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