Listen to the Music

I started to write a post about my terrible day.
I didn’t give much details…at first.
But then I followed it up with the huge ephinany I had. I started to write about how amazed I feel. Amazed about the large growth I’ve been having in such a short time.
But I deleted it all.
I’ve been writing all of this for the last hour, here at my local coffee shop. Just enough time, for this teenage girl dressed in a black lace dress to tune her guitar. Just enough time for her teenage friends to gather around and sit cross legged on the floor in front of me. Just enough time for her to plug that microphone in and then nervously drop it. Just enough time to hear her begin singing.
I am surprised– at how beautiful she sounds–how deep her words are.
(How much I admire her confidence to call herself a singer/songwriter before she began.)
Forget about my stupid day.
Life has many different moments to it. Moments of unexpected bliss that can interrupt your mind from repeating a day best left to rest.
Maybe we are simply afraid of going forward full blast…that’s why we hold on to so much trash.
Let it go Connie. Let it go.
Listen to the music.
Listen to the music.
Listen to the music.
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