Listening to Oracles

I’ve been full of emotion lately. Full of gratitude and awe as well.

Just this week Hansel and I were having dinner together and like many dinners we share, I tell him about my BIG dreams and plans for Dirty Footprints Studio. This night I told him that when Dirty Footprints Studio opens in Costa Rica, I want to have a huge launch party that goes late into the evening–with Art, music, dancing, and fire dancers. Hansel really got excited by the idea of fire dancers, and told me about the days when he lived on the beach in Montezuma, Costa Rica and fire dancers were normal evening entertainment. But just telling Hansel about this dream, I felt overwhelmed with a feeling that it was going to happen. It felt like I was telling him about planning a birthday party or a shower for a friend. Something tangible. Something real. Something about to actually happen.
This was just a couple nights ago. Then today, in a cruise around bloggy land, I came across the above video on my dear friend Elena’s blog Lunar Musing. There’s my oracle. There’s my dancers. There’s a preview of what’s to come.
But like I said, I’ve been full of emotion lately. Full of gratitude and awe as well.
All because I’ve been listening to the oracles that the Universe keeps sending me and opening my heart wider to let their wisdom sink in.
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