Living From the Heart

I’ve posted this video before on Dirty Footprints Studio. I can’t help it. I LOVE it. Hansel LOVES it too. And he agrees–one day, when I’m living in Costa Rica, I’ll be a regular sand dancer as well. But..this man is amazing. He is so beautiful. His heart is so rich.

But I’m posting it again, because today at school, they were testing the kiddos, so our regular schedule was all mixed up. The kiddos were all mixed up. Testing. Aaggh. And everytime I have a shortened schedule, like today, I focus on showing interesting videos that spark conversation about Art, creativity, and Artists. Today I showed this one to my seventh and eighth graders.
They loved it too, but they couldn’t understand why he would do it for free. They just couldn’t wrap their mind around the idea that he would do this without getting paid–and then have it all disappear at the end of the day.
So I asked them….what one thing in your life can you imagine doing for the rest of your life–no matter if you get paid for it or not?

The whole energy in Studio 307 changed!! Excitement started buzzing as the kids talked about what it is they are passionate about. Most of them commented that they plan to get paid for it when they were older…they wanted to make a career out of the things they LOVE to do.
Making a career out of the things you LOVE to do. Doing the things you LOVE for the rest of your life no matter if you get paid for it or not.
We understand something so deep, so wise, so natural to our beings when we are young. Why do so many of us have to relearn what we used to believe so purely?
The Sand Dancer says it so perfectly at the beginning of this video. In his thick New Zealand accent, he speaks of how the first thing life beats out of a person is their Creativity–and he refuses. Because his Creativity is his Heart.
I’m ready to live more from my HEART…are you?
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