Roller Blade Revelation

I purposely tried to make this photo of my roller blades a bit dramatic!!
That’s how I feel about them.
I have so much LOVE for them right now that they deserve their own blog post. Heck, they deserve their own blog!! They deserve to be rulers of the Universe!!
(Are you catching the drama?!?!)
But…today, the sun was shining…the weather was absolutely perfect…and, out of nowhere I decided to dig out my ol’ roller blades and strap them on. It has been years–YEARS since I last skated….and…..well, why have I been so absent from the bliss they bring?
I’ll tell you why.
Yep. One big fat syllable of a word that can block years of fun, fitness, and that feeling of the wind through your hair!!!
See, years ago–YEARS ago, I was a Bladin’ Chica-InLine-Mama-Lightening-Feet-Girlie until I had a MASSIVE accident on the blades. I was living in Cleveland, skating by myself in the metro-parks, when a rock or something got caught in my wheels, that made me lose my balance and fall and trample down a HUGE hill. I tore up my arms, legs, ass, and my face. I was a bloody, bloody mess and had no cell phone with me and had to skate miles back to my car in stingy pain, with gravel embedded into my wounds and a long trail of blood behind each stride. Oh, and let me add that I tore the whole butt out of my pants and had to skate full moon the entire way! Talk about humiliating! Not to mention that I had to skate past a huge soccer game going on with what seemed a super-bowl crowd of hotties!
The entire experience and the physical harm it did to my body scared me from tying up my blades again.
Until today.
The funny thing is, I put them on and made my way to the sidewalk and down the street until I even remembered my historical accident. By that time, I was already enjoying the fun I was having. But I felt it. I felt that fear vibe start to run after me–like a frantic idiot chasing a train screaming—“Connie!! Connie!!! Come back!! Come back!! Remember you almost killed yourself before!!!! It’s gonna happen again!!! Go home! Go hoooooommmme!!!”
I heard the fear. I saw it flash in front of me with every twig, rock, and goose shit I weaved my skates around……..
And you know what I did?
I kept on skating like a Bladin’-Chica-InLine-Mama-Lightening-Feet-Girlie and I decided at that exact moment to REFUSE TO LET MY PAST DEFINE MY PRESENT ANYMORE!
The End.
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