So Much to Say

She’s not finished yet. I know, because she told me so.

That’s the crazy thing….I started talking to MY paintings, and learned that they actually talk back. My paintings are very demanding. The second I clean up my brushes and put my palette away, they want more. They need a little green added here or a touch of pink there….or now they want fish!

Very high maintenance paintings. Very diva-esque!!

But…the crazy thing is not that I speak to my paintings…but that I’ve been ignoring them all this time.

You see, I think I’ve revealed this before here on Dirty Footprints Studio….I talk to paintings…I really do….and, they talk back.

Yep, I said it.

Paintings talk back to me.

For example, if I take a stroll through the Art Museum I will stop in front of a Marc Chagall and in my mind ask him something about the painting…and I’ll hear a response back…in my mind.

I have been engaged in talking to paintings forever—since I was a little kiddo!! And years ago, when I worked in an Art Museum many lunch hours were spent deep in conversation with the Masters!! I think that’s why my classes were so popular back then….I talked about the paintings and the Artists as if I had a real relationship with them.

Which I do.

But all this time, years and years of painting, I never once thought to talk to my own painting. I never once stopped and asked them what their needs, desires, and wishes were. I never stilled my mind enough to hear what they were saying–how they were feeling–and what they wanted to teach me.

Those days are over….and now, I feel like they have so much to tell me to make up for lost time.

And I’m here. I’m present. My ears, eyes, and Creative Juicy heart are wide, wide open.

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