When Intuition Takes the Brush

I began this year with the deepest of intentions to follow a path carved in COMMITMENT, TRUST, and TRUTH. For me, the vehicle that I drive down this path has two pedals: Yoga and painting–while the stirring wheel is my Creative Juicy heart.
Though, For quite awhile now I’ve neglected these two practices that are very dear, and very important in my life. Sure, I paint in my Art Journal often….and I consider that painting. Sort of. But there is something about painting larger that feeds a different part of my soul.
There is a powerful energy to putting my whole arm and body into my work–as I maneuver above my canvas on the red carpet of my studio floor.
Though, I decided this week that I would just arrive at the canvas with no expectations and let my intuition take total control. I’m getting myself warmed up, in a sense, for the Painting From the Wild Heart workshop I will be attending in a couple weeks….but more then that, I feel this approach to my work is the best medicine for me now.
So here I go…uncertain what all this means, but moving forward all the same.
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