Dream Chaser

MY GODDESS..MY QUEEN is slowly coming along.
Not quite finished yet. Got quite a ways to go!

In the morning I’ve been spending time being quiet and listening to the words of my spiritual teacher, Mooji. In a recent video that I watched of him, he stated that once he knew God–when he realized that HE was actually divinity–that instead of feeling powerful that he could do anything–he felt that he could do nothing. He realized that he didn’t have to change anything–or fix anything.
Powerful stuff. Like super, duper, incredible–stopped-me-in-my-tracks kind of powerful stuff. Something that I’ve had my heart and mind wrapped around ever since.
We all hear it. We all hear that if we really realized how powerful we really are–that we could do anything…make our dreams come true…move mountains…heal the world. And here is a wise, wise man that says, once he realized that God was within him–he couldn’t do anything.
You know why? Or rather, do you want to know what I think?
Because all this dream chasing, world changing, heart longing for something different–is simply are ego speaking–and not our authentic, honest self.
That part of ourself–our actual self–all stripped down and true–it is authentic in EVERYTHING we do. Our truest self is happy with who we are. Is grateful to be alive. Is aware that time is meaningless–that our souls are seamless–that life is plausible, silly, and full of things to discover and play with.
And all we can do is show up now. Meet ourselves here–right now. Be who we are today–where we are today–in however that looks or feels. Sure we will still long for a tomorrow that might seem more shiny and perfectly matched to our soul–but we are still living in a moment–that at one time, was a moment we wished for before.
I no longer want to be a dream chaser. I’d rather sit softly in the notion that all is perfect now–and keep my eyes, heart, and mind wide, wide open–to the twists and turns and unexpected soft landings of this incredible journey I’m on.
The one I like to call my Creative Juicy Life. The one I keep learning about.
(PS Today Dirty Footprints Studio turns 2 years old!!!
Yay!! Thanks for being here…thanks for sharing this space with me…
thanks for the support, the LOVE, the connection to your heart. I appreciate YOU!)
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