Feast or Famine

Happy Tomato by Darrah Parker
I don’t want to make a living.
I want to make a life.
Simple as that.
Lately I’ve been making choices to align with theese ideas–theese feelings–theese dreams I’ve had brewing in my heart for awhile now. Except, for years, when I spoke of them–they always seem far off–in a foreign country, in a future time, in a different me.
Now I’m not saying that I don’t still dream of Costa Rica–and that my plan to build a Dirty Footprints Studio there has ceased.
Noway Jose!
Shy Tomato by Darrah Parker
Instead, I understand things differently now. I see things differently.
When I’ve always spoken of Costa Rica–it has never been to go there and start a new career, or create a place to make money. It has always been to create a place that is an extension of my values, my love, my passion, my mission in life….my L.O.V.E.
But even more, when Hansel and I speak of Costa Rica it is always about living a more simpler life.
A more easier life.
A slower life.
A life that is closer to nature and organic in sense.
It is about helping the community and reaching out across the globe.
It is about experiencing peace, sharing peace, and living a truth that circles around peace.
So then why Connie?
Why has it taken you so dang long to realize this life can happen here–now?!?!
Curious Tomato by Darrah Parker
Answer: FEAR. (in capital letters).
Plain and straight forward. FEAR.
I have been afraid of being the bigness I am. If I push it off to another place or another time, then I can hide behind it. I can have great ideas, big dreams, and energizing ideas–and just sit at the table with them–like dinner dates. I never have to cook, wash the dishes, or perform any of the work or hardship that goes into digesting ones dreams. I can just sit there and smile at the shiny goodness of it all. Better yet–I can invite friends over too, and we can all smile at the feast of dreams on the table.
As we all go hungry.
My dreams and ideas do me or the world no good just sitting on a platter.
Your dreams are no good to me, the world, or especially yourself if you too let them sit there getting cold.
It’s time to stop making a living.
And start making a life.
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