Thinking Creatively

Thinking Creatively.
This is what’s been on my mind. (Along with a bunch of other foggy chatter, to be honest.)
But Friday morning, right after I stepped out of the shower, this totally awesome idea came to me. For weeks I’ve literally been tossing ideas around in my head about a certain project I want to create–but nothing seemed to synch well together.
This started to really frustrate me.
Anyways, before I’d go to sleep each night I’d write my ideas down–just to let them have a place to rest for the evening, so possibly I could find a little slumber myself.
How can one think Creatively if you’re brain is toast?
So…..right after I had this great idea I realized a little somethin somethin about thinking Creatively….for me, it takes time to build.
It takes a lot of little pieces coming together to create that “a-ha” moment.
Numerous brush strokes to create a masterpiece.
Lots of tasty vegetables to make a delicious soup.
A village to raise a child.
A few sentences to make a paragraph.
Tons of sand to make a beach.
Catch my drift?
That’s it. Pretty simple stuff–but to me, it was so stinkin’ profound.
Just knowing this eases my discomfort with waiting–or even worse–not knowing. Because the truth is, we do know–we know little pieces–little fragments–it just takes a bit of good ol’ fashioned patience to make the magic really happen.
So carry on you Creative Wildwomen…carry on and persevere.
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