Trusting That She Knows Best

Morning Painting, acrylic on paper, 18″ x 12″
These are some of my Morning Paintings, as I like to call them. Kind of like Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. Except instead of purging my mind through three pages of writing–I purge my consciousness through my paintbrush and color, pattern, and line.

Morning Painting, tempera on paper, 24″ x 18″
I started this practice right after returning from the Wild Heart Painting Retreat.
And, it lasted hard-core-full-force for a few weeks.

Morning Painting, tempera on paper, 17″ x 15.5″
Until things started to organically balance itself out.
Now I still wake up and immediately go into the studio–but I make a pit-stop in the kitchen first to put on a cup of tea. Then, before I pull out my Art supplies, I sit in meditation for awhile. Followed by a little Yoga.
Sometimes I spend more time on the mat then I do with the brush. Some days it’s the other way around. Others, I find I never make it past the meditation part–as I get lost in listening to the birds chirp outside my window and don’t want to move Nyla‘s sweet head asleep on my lap.
And as much as I long to check my email, jump on Twitter, and see what everyone’s up to on Facebook…I save that for very, very last.
My morning, at least for an hour–is just for me.

(inspired by two of my kiddos at school)
tempera on paper, 12″ x 9″

We spend so much time doing. Going from the next thing to the next and thinking about the hundredth thing to do after that before we even started the first.

For me, my Morning Pages started out as me doing it–being an Artist working from my core. I think if I just kept up at the rate that I started at, I would have crashed and burned a couple weeks ago. But I’m into listening to that voice now-a-days, trusting that she knows best.
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