Belly LOVE: Lessons From Mother Earth

I couldn’t wait to share this week’s Belly LOVE with all of you!!!
This past Saturday Hansel and I took a roadtrip to our beloved Sedona to celebrate the beginning of my Summer break and a new chapter of my Creative Juicy Life. We both adore this little, red rock town and like usual Connie/Hansel fashion–I brought my video camera and oil pastels and Hansel his camera and tripod!
What we didn’t expect was a massive windstorm waiting for us there–which explains my windblown hairstyle!! Even though my face got massively windburned and my lips are attractively chapped and crusty now….I took the winds as an oracle from the Universe that change is here.

Here I am standing Rocky Balboa style on Bell Rock. I wanted to climb higher, but honestly, the winds were quite fierce that I decided that where I was on this hike was perfect enough. I didn’t need to go anywhere else–I had everything I needed at that moment–a beautiful landscape, the sun on my skin, the LOVE of my life by my side, and the strength to hold myself up as the wind tangled around my body.
As Hansel wandered around with his camera, I laid down on the warm red rock and took a nap.
When I finally woke up–I felt as if I had slept for an entire year. I didn’t want to leave that bed I made on dear Mother Nature’s red rock gown. So I laid there for awhile staring at the blue sky and watching the wind ruffle and tickle my t-shirt that covered my belly.
I think laying in complete trust and surrender on dear Mother Earth is the closest we can get to that feeling of being cradled in the arms of our own Mother as a newborn baby.
When we go back to that very simple, very natural, raw feeling of being safe and LOVEd and protected by the energy of Mother Earth—our body operates in tune with the wind–it echoes the season that sits at our feet– and our cells naturally match the climate changes and adapts to the elements.
We are the red rocks, the strong winds, the fluffly clouds above. We are the tree branches that dip down and touch the grass. We are the dust that swirls in little whirlpools and creates crevices in the mountain tops.
How can I look at the masterpiece of this beautiful planet and not see the masterpiece that I too inhabit in this body of mine?
Oh Sedona, with your bulbous, curvaceous figures of stone. You remind me what is so beautiful of my own body…my own bulbous, curvaceous figure of flesh and strong bones.
How dare I think anything less.
Thank you for sharing in my Belly LOVE journey.
If you want to see some fun video footage from my trip to Sedona go HERE and HERE!!!
Also, this week I am a guest curator at Crescendoh.
Each day is a new adventure in Creative Juiciness. Check it out!!
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this week is your chance to register for the sale price of $25!!
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Big hugs!! Big LOVE!
(All photos shot by the LOVE of my Creative Juicy Life: Hansel.)
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