I’ve Only Just Begun

Today is my very last day of work.
Wednesday was my last day with the kiddos–yesterday I spent my day cleaning the Art room and preparing it for the next teacher to inhabit. And now Friday it’s a pot-luck breakfast with the teachers and putting the final touches on the last chapter of my Creative Juicy Life.
It’s been an emotional week, my friends. Very emotional and exhausting. I thought today I’d be jumping for joy and sharing a dance video with you…but instead, I find myself going inward and seeking moments of solitude.
I’m not just changing jobs this time around. This is something bigger. Something I can’t explain–or even possess the words to describe to myself even.
So, I turn to painting of course.
I spent last night on the patio by candlelight–painting. I’m not finished you see….I’ve only just begun.
Yes, oh yes………I’ve only just begun.
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