A Year Ago Today It All Began

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

A year ago today my very first Art Journal LOVE video (the one posted above) was released into the world.

Yep. Year ago today.

That’s crazy talk….because honestly, it feels like yesterday.

Since then a multitude–no, a great abundance of wonderful, beautiful, awesome, out-of-this-creative-juicy-world, fabulouso opportunities, experiences, conversations, and most especially friendships have formed around both Dirty Footprints Studio–and especially Art Journal LOVE.

After my first Art Journal LOVE video I went on to create eleven more, plus a few Art Journal LOVE blog posts…and of course a whole Art Journal LOVE Letters workshop.

I have always worked in an Art Journal–even when I had no idea that’s what it exactly was. But there was something so powerful-moving–and healing beyond words when I decided to extend my Art Journal practice into the public realm of both video and blog posts. It was not always easy to make my heart and soul vulnerable…but in doing so, I have grown leaps and have learned to take steps into my own truth.

Art Journaling has changed my life over and over and over again. It has helped me work through issues—reinvent myself–and find peace in my own skin. I want nothing more then to share this truth with you–to help you find your relationship with Art Journaling. That is how Art Journal LOVE Letters was conceived…in a wish to guide others deeper into their heart through the Art Journal LOVE I feel.

A year ago today…not only Art Journal LOVE was born…but the courage, wisdom, and creativity that I possess today to take me deeper into my dreams. Somehow, buried then, I knew. I knew what I needed to do–what I was meant to do in this life–even if I didn’t fully possess the words or ideas to form that intention just yet.

I’m happy to say that this July, only a couple days away–here at Dirty Footprints Studio, I plan to celebrate and honor Art Journal LOVE the entire month. I have big things in store–like a huge Art Journal LOVE project with multiple awesome Art Journalers, give aways, sales, and so many more surprises. But for today, right now, I want to celebrate Art Journal LOVE by sharing it with you.

I am presenting this gift to the Universe today–in hope it finds the right people–those with a desire to ignite, deepen or begin a relationship with their Art Journal. I am offering Art Journal LOVE Letters registration at $20 as a complete gift of LOVE. Only for today–as today I celebrate and honor a major mile stone in my Life as well as I send my deepest gratitude to all the Lovely souls that have helped and taught me with their wisdom along the way.

If you would like more details about my online workshop Art Journal LOVE Letters please go HERE. If you are interested in beginning the LOVE affair today, at a price that is delivered as a gift directly from the gratitude and LOVE in my heart….then please press the button below.



I hope that you will remember to visit Dirty Footprints Studio often this July–because I plan to smother you–completely wrap you up and dribble Art Journal LOVE all over you!!!

Basically..it’s gonna be a gooey, warm and fuzzy kind of month! The perfect environment for starting an Art Journal LOVE affair!

Thank you for celebrating with me! Please take a moment to leave a comment about your own Art Journal LOVE practice and how it has influenced your own Life!! Who needs champagne–let’s get intoxicated on Art Journal LOVE!

Big hugs!

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