Intuitive Painting Goodness

This is a fragment of my most recent intuitive painting….more to come soon…including a little video!
What do you wish to know? asked Miss Jamie Awesome for this weeks Wishcasting Wednesday.
When I was beginning Art school I hated the idea that I had to take academic classes. I’m in Art school–let me make Art dammit, was my 18 year old attitude. Until my first Art History class…then, I fell in LOVE. Absolutely, positively, and truly in LOVE with learning as much as I could about Artists, Art movements, and crazy, scandalous stories about the juicy part of Art History. I was especially drawn to Art that was esoteric, spiritual, and mysteriously magical. For eight years I worked at the Cleveland Museum of Art where I was surrounded with knowledgeable scholars who could answer my questions and quench my thirst to know as much as I could about Art. I used to drink it up–seriously.
But that was years ago, and somehow my hunger for Art History started to pitter off. Until this year.
I feel it again…but now, I want to know everything possible about the intuitive, completely spiritual, and yes–oh so very magical part of Art and Art making. I have begun my quest for knowledge once again…reading as much as I can…and becoming more aware of my own intuitive Art practices.
So what do I wish to know? I wish to know all I can–and experience all I can–and dedicate the rest of my life to learning all I can about the intuitive, magical, healing Arts. And I want to share all this Creative Juicy knowledge with YOU!
That’s it! Now back to my studies!!
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