July Is Gonna Rock Your Freakin’ Socks Off


A million and one thank you’s for all the LOVE and celebrating that happened yesterday for Art Journal LOVE’s first year anniversary!! I am so grateful…so completely overwhelmed with LOVE for the support everyone showers over me. You–yes YOU–I’m serious…YOU–are providing me with so much energy and fuel to truly live and embrace my dreams.

I am grateful, so very, very grateful..that words just simply fail me.

So, please let me shower you with the same goodness please. And let me start by providing you with an amazing July here on Dirty Footprints Studio.

I am super excited to share with you that tomorrow begins a HUGE project I have put together for YOU. Yes—YOU!! It is called….drum roll please…..

30 Journals 30 Days

Starting on July first (that’s tomorrow!!)—for 30 days straight–every single day at 3:30 pm PST (dontcha LOVE what a dork I am)—I will be posting an interview here with an Artist who is passionate about Art Journaling and eager to share their own Art Journal LOVE with the world.

Get it 30 Art Journals–in 30 days!!

This is huge!! If you are an avid Art Journaler–or just a nervous newbie–each day you will get the chance to learn from some of the most creative juicy-awesome Art Journalers in the world!

That’s right…In. The. World.

Plus–to even sweeten the deal…for the whole month of July you will be able to join the party over at Art Journal LOVE Letters for a super sale of $24.99 and…I’m sorry…but that’s not enough….I will also be giving away lots of Art Journaling goodies…..and….I have a big announcement about an Art Journaling Mini-Retreat on the horizon as well!!

ANNNNNNNNNNND I’m still not finished yet!! When I say Dirty Footprints Studio is gonna be rockin’ this July….I mean it is seriously gonna be rockin!!

Woven through all this Art Journal gushy-mushy-steamy LOVE will be my usual posts–sharing my FEARLESS Painting and my experience leading my tribe of FEARLESS Painters through my newest online workshop: BIG!

So please……strap your Creative Juicy belt on and get ready….we’re gonna party like the Creative Wildwoman that we are and swoon over some major Art Journal LOVEn!!!

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