Dear Universe, It’s Me Connie


photo taken by my beloved Hansel.

Dear Universe,

So I’ve thought about it.

I want to say how grateful I am for all the blessings you have given me.
For granting me wish after wish and making sure things always work out beautifully for me.

…I know…I know…. all I need to do is ask…and ask from my heart….so, I’ve been thinking…..for this following year ahead of me (I keep track of years in teacher time)….I want only two little things…..

One, I need your help in spreading the awesomeness of FEARLESS Painting. Dear, sweet Universe, please help me reach as many people as I can to share my gifts with them. Please let Dirty Footprints Studio grow strong and be bold in coloring this world in painterly, intuitive, healing, powerful LOVE LOVE LOVE. Give me the means, ways, and wisdom to bring FEARLESS Painting to the masses–so thousands of people can find the beauty within themselves–so more people can find an amazing tool that will help them believe fully in their dreams and live fully in the now.

Last, dear, dear, sweet Universe my friend, I ask that you help me and my honey Hansel get to Costa Rica a year from now. We’re almost there—you know that. We’re both working real hard on ourselves and our own creativity and we plan to start all that silly immigration paperwork as well (I promise)–all I ask is that you sprinkle your loving energy on our path….do that crazy thing you do so well to make things fall perfectly in place–for us to meet the people we’re suppose to meet–to have those experiences that will help to bring us closer to making our big dreams an actual reality. Bless us with good health, happiness, and a bit of wealth to get us there comfortably.

And maybe…..if you don’t mind….one little more tiny thing……….
Could you please help me with my Spanish as well.

Thank you.

I look forward to watching the future perfectly unfold with you.


PS BIG goes on sale this Monday–if you want to start then. Just saying.
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