Cerulean Blue Daydreams

So for the last couple weeks I’ve been eating my breakfast on our little patio–staring out at the beautiful blue morning sky–and pretending that I’m in Italy.
Yep, I am a dork. A big dork.
But you see–this is where it all begins. Right here in my overactive imagination.
Long, long time ago I came to Arizona to visit a dear friend that was living in Tucson. At the time I was living in Cleveland. We had such an amazing time!! Two young girls, a few bottles of wine, and a total Thelma & Louise roadtrip across the beautiful state of AZ. It was fun!! It was exciting!! And our car even broke down on the side of the highway–which made it even more an adventure.
But I left back for Cleveland a week later daydreaming of the day that I would be living too in that desert. And now I’ve been here for four years.
My daydreams always become my reality. If I stick with them long enough–and use them as direction for my action.
For example, I used to daydream of not having to go to a job and actually picking up a paintbrush instead.
Uh, hello current Life!!

So I might be la’ Dork Extraordinaire…but you watch…this time next year–I’ll be looking at the cerulean blue skies of Florence telling you about my next adventure on the daydreaming circuit.
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