FEARLESS Together!



Painting by FEARLESS Painter Mary Ruth

Today I decided to share some of the amazing paintings being created by my FEARLESS Painters in BIG. Last week we were working intuitively with painting based on memories from our past.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Gail

In BIG we focus on the process—what the painting has to say to us–

not us telling the painting what to do necessarily.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Amy

Really incredible things start to manifest when you open yourself to this process.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Michelle

I thank my FEARLESS Painters for being so kind to share their work with you.

The FEARLESS Painting Process is not concerned about techniques and getting things to look pretty or perfect.

It’s about getting it out and on the paper.

It’s about being free.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Sharon

The best part about BIG for me is I get to share the FEARLESS Painting Process with others.

I am not in this alone–but rather growing and expanding with a group of amazing,

brave women.
Painting by FEARLESS Painter Kim

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Liz


Painting by FEARLESS Painter Kitty
BIG will go on sale again starting Monday, October 4.
This is more then a workshop…it’s an actual journey–a FEARLESS Painting Adventure!
I hope you will join me then. Please go HERE for more information and HERE to sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter so you can be the first to know!
Psst…..don’t forget….21 SECRETS: An Art Journal Playground
goes on sale Monday!! Wahoo!!!
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