What If?

I’ve just been lounging here on my bed, with my doggie, reading blogs.
So many of us are dreamers, aren’t we?
So many of us are letting go of things–in hope that the space will be filled with something else that will align us with our truest self.
So many of us want to feel alive, feel of use, feel creative, feel free.
What if we took time each day to simply honor where we are right now?
What if we took a moment to really relish in today?
What if we scheduled in to do something that would make today completely awesome–instead of doing something that will get you somewhere later?
What if we just started to let go of trying to get somewhere, to be something else, to even follow our dreams…just for a moment…just for a few minutes of our day?
What if we just decided that today is going to be just as great as it will be when your actually living your dreams.
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