Belly LOVE: No More Excuses


Here’s a photo of one of my absolute besties in the whole wide world…Andrea.

Here she is warmly and lovingly cooking me the most delicious roasted squash soup on my last day in Cleveland.

She’s the best…and I LOVE how she shows she cares by cooking LOVINGLY for those she holds dear.

Andrea and I have been friends for years and years and the thing is…I adore this woman. Not only is she an amazing Artist–she’s an all around cool chica…and the thing I feel that I admire so much about her is her devout Belly LOVE.

She takes such good care of herself. Period. End of story. No excuses.

And, last week, when we spent time together I talked to her about it…and the thing is, Belly LOVE to her is mandatory–because she is a self supporting Artist. She has to be top notch physically to create, and that’s that. So she makes eating well, Yoga, and working out a daily priority.

Daily I said.


Art—FEARLESS Painting–my creativity–and the creativity of those I help—it is so important to me. It’s my calling…my life…my purpose. It’s time I take heed from Miss Andrea and start making Belly LOVE a daily priority if I am going to carry out my calling…my purpose for years to come.

Last week as I was away traveling to Austin, Texas and Cleveland, Ohio–I learned so much. So, so very much…and I’ve spent the last few days trying to process it all. Things have already shifted in me–my perspective is more clear…and I know that spending time with Andrea was no accident–but rather another way for the Universe to speak to me about what it needs and expects from me.

Ok, I get it. It’s time I too take my calling….my purpose….my life more seriously–more reverently–and pay respect to the gift of my life by taking great care of the vehicle I have been gloriously granted to deliver this gift to the world.

Period. End of story.

No more excuses.

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