I Wish I Wish I Wish

I have so much work to do. So many loose ends to tie up before I leave for Austin tomorrow. I shouldn’t be writing about wishes and all that yummy stuff. But damn that Miss Jamie Awesome. She hit us with another one of her magical Wishcasting prompts–and look at me–that’s me…in the coffee shop (I should be working you know)–when I read it….tears swelled up.

So here I go.
It’s not that I wish to fly free from anything–
I wish for more opportunities to spread these wings and actually fly.
I wish for the current of the Universe to lift me up and help me coast to new territories.
I wish to feel the air circle around me as I discover new ways of being me.
I wish to fly not like an angel,
but rather like a pirate on her purple magical carpet.
I wish to find others soaring in the sky to play with.
I wish to see the world from a new perspective each day
and fill my heart with gratitude
my life with truth
my heart with nothing but the lightest feelings of LOVE.
I simply wish to fly and fly and fly
from here until this glorious journey is through.
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