For Stellan & Sweet Mango

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

If only I could sing…

I would sing this song to you two Stellan and Michelle….

I would sing this to ease your heart.

I would sing this to heal you Stellan–to bring you home.

I would sing this softly to your father, your family.

I would sing this to you my sister Michelle, so you could rest for just awhile.

And I would sing this to every soul that feels lonely, that feels lost.

I will keep praying till your home Stellan. And then I will pray some more.

To all that has offered LOVE and prayers…..Stellan is getting better.

He is healing.

And now I believe in LOVE even more.

And now I understand there is nothing more to life than this.

Stellan we LOVE you.

Come home soon.

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