That Someone


It doesn’t matter how much I paint–

How many classes or workshops I teach

What exotic locations I teach them at

Or what fancy wancy folks are there to hang with.

It doesn’t matter how many hits my blog gets
How many readers click follow before leaving-
Or how many friends I stack up on Facebook.
It doesn’t matter if Stampington thinks my blog is artful or not.

It doesn’t matter if I show my Art work in a gallery in LA
a coffee shop in NYC
or the hallway leading up to my messy, dirty bathroom.



Truth is there is always going to be someone that beats me to the punch-
Who’s been there-done that–and posted photos on twitpic immediately afterwards.
Who can paint better then me-bigger then me-more realistic-more abstract-and definitely more pretty too.
There’s always going to be someone who sells more then me and
that someone who is always at the center of the hooplah I secretly wish I was at.


There is always someone you see.

Someone I could dream of being like.

Someone I could spend my time chasing after–watching their every move.

Someone that seems to have it all sitting right there in the palm of their hand.


But there is no one like me.

And when I decide to paint like I do

teach what excites me

be where I’m needed most

and welcome those that resonate with my soul-

I put myself in a whole new category

Where that someone is simply who I am.

(the painting here was done as a portrait study…noone in particular)

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