This Is My Favorite Part!!!


painting by FEARLESS Painter Natasha


This is my favorite part!!
The last two weeks of BIG are always my favorite.

painting by FEARLESS Painter Martha
Something always happens to my FEARLESS Painters.
They let go a bit more.
They laugh a lot more.
They give themselves permission to paint BIG–to be seen–to feel like rockstars.

painting by FEARLESS Painter Diane
To be fully who they are.

painting by FEARLESS Painter Mel
And to fully pronounce their dreams.

painting by FEARLESS Painter Janet
Look how amazing each one of these paintings are!
And please let me add….they are HUGE!!! Not just BIG–but HUGE!!

painting by FEARLESS Painter Chrissie
And these paintings are only from Week 5.
We’re starting our last week now….can’t wait to see what they will wow me with next!!

painting by FEARLESS Painter Mary
And you know what else is awesome?
Today BIG is back on sale!!!
You can ring in the new year this January 2011 by going BIG and painting FEARLESS!!
Last week I opened registration to all my FEARLESS Painting Email subscribers…
and now registration for BIG is already half way filled.
I limit registration in BIG to 30 FEARLESS Painters to keep things cozy–
so I can get to know you–
and you can each get to know one another!
Because to be FEARLESS takes a Tribe!


So do you think you’re ready?!?

Then I would LOVE for you to join us!!

For more information on BIG and to register please go HERE.

I can’t wait to paint FEARLESS with you this new year!

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