Wanna Be A Rockstar?!


I have a story.

I really do. I have things that have happened to me that paralyzed me. Things that I could scrape up from my past and moan and groan about for days.

I have heart break that shattered my soul and created ill illusions of LOVE for years and probably life times to come.

I have things I’m not proud of and people who have shit on me for sure.

I have a story I could tell.

But the only way I can live the life I dream of, is to let it all go.

Better yet, bury it in some landfill somewhere.

Then walk away from it for good.

Who-what-and tragedy made me the rockstar I am today.

Yep, that’s true.

But a pile of memories is all it’s worth now. Nothing more then that.



So you wanna be a rockstar too?

Stop telling old stories.

Start creating new ones and sing them acapella.

Doesn’t matter if they’re only make-believe.

Life has a funny way of transforming our stories into our reality.

Why keep repeating the ones that put you in your state of misery in the first place?

Grab a shovel instead…start digging baby! The world needs more rockstars like you.

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