FEARLESS We Paint: Guest Post By Jane Cunningham


This is a painting I did before Fearless Painting – I like it but it doesn’t feel alive to me…

I think when you are open to life you can take each experience as a sign-post, an indicator of something important you allow great things to enter…

Fearless Painting with Connie has been like that for me… like a big flashing neon light kinda sign!

This is a Fearless Self portrait – I feel happy just looking at it.

She came along at the right time in my life and this waterslide ride with Fearless painting is a blast.

Connie has a generous and enthusiastic spirit and of course, the community she created when she began Fearless painting is a bunch of juicy women too. Communicating with them about the fears and problems, the joys and awakenings I was having –some of which left me quite vulnerable and raw – was a positive and uplifting juicy extra!

I came to Fearless painting with the desire to paint, to create authentically, to have a passionate energy on the canvas. But I struggled with formulas and rules and all kinds of self imposed rigidities.

I had learned some painting techniques but felt like I was preparing myself to be a painter in a factory for chocolate box covers. I felt myself getting tighter and tighter and further away from my desire to express with passion.

This is part of my painting what it feels like to be fearless – I am SO stinkin proud of this.

Fearless painting has helped to open the rusty gate to my dreams. I am painting with vigour and curiosity. I am finding myself surprised by what I make, and that feels delicious!

To come to my brushes and paint with a head swirling full of ideas and feeling a bit wiggly with excitement is such a gift.


If you feel at all called to join the fearless painting adventure – make a commitment to your juiciest self and hop on board the fearless train – it is one DELICIOUS ride!

This is my girls and me on holiday

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Come join the Tribe of FEARLESS Painters!!

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