FEARLESS We Paint: Guest Post By Nolwenn


Has your heart ever screamed « you have to do this. Now (!!!!!) » ? I don’t know about you, but it happens to me sometimes. At first, I tried to rationalize « oh no, it’s not really the time. It can wait. I don’t have the money…… » and so many more excuses.

This is how it all began with Connie’s BIG online class. I don’t hide that I love Connie for a lot of reasons. When I read her announcement about BIG, it just felt right. Exactly what I needed to learn, the direction I had to take at this precise moment. I talked about it with my husband and he instantly said « go for it » (and trust me, he is the one that always says « you sure about this ? Will it be useful for you, for your path, for your art ? ». So I signed up. I was both amazingly excited and quite nervous, a strange mix of emotions rushing inside me.

I am the kind of artist that stays in the closet. I never knew how to draw, proportions and stuff like this. I never say « I am an artist ». Never.

It kind of changed in 2008 but I still kind of hide. Afraid of not being good enough, afraid that my art will send the wrong message about me, afraid of being judged. Until BIG, I was guided by this dark Fear floating all around me.

In BIG, Connie does not only teaches how to paint in a huge surface. It goes way further than this. We learn to trust (ourselves, the process), we learn to dig deep, we learn to play. You have to find this in yourself, but don’t worry : it is easier than it seems when I write it. But it’s also a comittment you do to yourself and to your creativity.

Fearless painting tought me to be brave. To take steps for myself. To stand for my truth. During the workshop, I accomplished a lot of things I never dared to do before, such as filming me creating and sharing it with the entire world on YouTube ; or selling my art ; or even the simple fact of attending a workshop in real life with an artist I admire.

Fearless painting taught me the importance of being surrounded by kind Souls, to have a support Tribe arround you, and for whom you’re there no matter what. There is no coincidence if these people gathered at the same time around a same goal : discovering the Fearless painter/artist lying inside, just waiting for us to lift them up and free them to the world.

Being a Fearless painter is now a part of who I am deep inside, it’s like it was patiently waiting for these lessons to be learned. There is absolutely no coming back.

Connie knows how to find the exact right words to make it easy but deep. There is no coincidence she was a teacher (and she still is, just in another form that at school with kids).

Painting Fearless is a life-changing experience, it changed everything for me. I am just in awe of the changes since these six weeks and beyond. Painting on a 30×30 canvas does not seem that big anymore. And you know what’s funny ? It is now harder for me to paint on the smaller size I used to before. No turning back.

Fearless changed everything because I am not affraid anymore to put my emotions into my paintings, no matter how strong, positive as negative, they are. Because being a Fearless painter is also accepting and embracing what makes youyou.You can’t escape your nature, but you can reveal it, and it’s also a great discovery.

And this is how it all shifted inside and outside my World thanks to Fearless painting. And this was just the tackle to make it all begin, because there is more afterwards (is it possible ? Yes it is).



I am a young woman born and raised in France during more than 23 years before becoming an expatriate with a husband and two young daughters, in Vancouver (Canada). I’ll turn 25 next September and for me, this is huge and I’m very excited about it.
I was a very creative child but put it aside during teenagehood. I am an avid journaler, I’ve written diaries since I’m 7 or so and writing is really something I need to free my Soul.
I discovered Creative Journaling in 2008 when I was suggested a book by Anne-Marie Jobin (art-therapist from Québec, who is a huge journaler and help people through combining drawing & writing. It’s slightly different than pure “art journaling” as it’s a powerful healing tool, where the “art” part has no aim to be pretty or elaborate.
Art Journaling helped me discovering I am an artist (bummer !), and I have messages to tell through it; so I also started painting outside the journal and fell into the Mixed Media universe. It’s today a huge part of who I am and I’ll never give this up because it would mean I’d be denying again what my nature is.
I also want to help people through art, even if I still don’t know exactly how at the moment. I know the Power of gratitude and try to help and inspire people thanks to it (that’s why I started my weekly ritual called Gratitude Friday, where I invite people to join and share what they are thankful for each week. A lot of people come to me saying it helps them seeing the bright side of their life and that is changes everything. I am nurturing some projects in this way 🙂
My blog: http://inner-voices.net/blog for the english-speaking version of the blog. http://inner-voices.net/fr for the french-speaking version of the blog.
Twitter: @NolwennP


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