Just A Moment, Please


One of my dear friends and fellow FEARLESS Painters Lis totally needs our LOVE and support!!! Lis is on a mission to support the nonprofit organization Half the Sky Foundation that helps enrich the lives and prospects of children living in orphanages of China. This is a special cause to her because her own darling daughter was adopted from an orphanage in China–and little Miss Cowgirl absolutely rocks let me say!!!

Lis has entered a video contest in hope to win money to support a project she would like to do with Half The Sky—giving older orphans the opportunity to experience photography and creativity in photo documenting their own lives.

In the season of giving please take a moment to vote for her video HERE. You need to have a Facebook account to vote and it only takes a second!!! Plus if you could help spread the word as well….well, that would be swell!!

For more information please visit Lis’s post HERE.

Thank you so much!!! Sending everyone tons of LOVE!!!

BIG Hugs!

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